Living Fucktoys

An outlet for my fantasy (unrealistic as it may be) to own a living fuckdoll. Sadistic as some of my posts may seem.. I see lust, passion and raw need as one with love and romance. If the thougth of being a living fuckdoll turns your stomach.. or you are under 18, then GTFO.

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I guess this is why I lean so heavily on lust and passion, because those ARE “love” to me. :)  Although my “lust” list would be way more kinky. ;)
Don’t look at the camera… look into my eyes as  you take your dinner Fucktoy!
Ah just the way breakfast in the morning should be!
How to start your Fucktoy training!
No Fucktoy.. This is just your “underwear”, so to speak.  There’s several more layers of bondage to go.  Then you’ll be “dressed” for the day.
Yes you are Fucktoy!  And I wouldn’t have you any other way.  You are MY slut!
A good way to wake up in the morning, Fucktoy!  Don’t you agree?  Of course you do!